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"/who moonglade"

Fun times in Moonglade again! (Moonglade!)


"/who moonglade"

Fun times in Moonglade again! (Moonglade!)

Gender: stupid in three languages





someone please explain this comic. im so confused. this reads like it was written by someone completely unfamiliar with any human langauge

what the fuck

what a medium looking man

breaking new ground in the #mediumcore aesthetic

my gender could lit be described as Medium


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I mean it should say enough that people most vehemently against self-diagnosis don’t actually understand shit about psychology and psychiatry.

one of the many problems with diagnosing mental illness is the incredible amount of shared components between different mental illnesses and often high levels of comorbidity between similar mental illnesses

this is combined with most of the diagnostic process being self-report anyway

like I, or any mental health professional, can’t look deeply into your eyes and get a statistically accurate readout of “what yr deal is”, we literally just take what you tell us + a bit of what we can perceive on our own and try to find points of comparison to known standards like the DSM (which is available to everyone for free, as far as I remember)

and this is all assuming that your mental health professional 1) isn’t obtuse as shit 2) actively wants to help you (which often isn’t the case with gender/sexuality things (guess which self-diagnosis cases on the Blue Website do people dogpile on))

so yeah, question and self-analyze deeply when figuring this shit out, but don’t take shit from morons on this website with a hate-boner for self-diagnosis




people who stigmatize self diagnosis dont seem to understand that diagnosing mental illness is not an exact science. essentially all u do to diagnose someone with a mental illness is look at a list of criteria and say “yup they fit these things.” spoiler alert: a lot of this is guesswork. the only difference between u doing this and a social worker/ psychiatrist/ etc doing it is access to institutional power. many people dont have financial access to medical services that would get them a diagnosis so… maybe…. shut up?

Except Psychiatrists and doctors have actual training making diagnosis way more accurate than some random teenager that read the symptoms off the internet?

i made this post because im in social work school learning how to give a diagnosis in a clinical setting and our training is basically “read the symptoms off the internet”

yo i’m someone who’s a certification away from being able to diagnose people with mental illness and glowcloud is Right

How You Remind Me By Nickleback in a major key
Sex is bad. Being old is bad.