Just a minute late, first drawing of #Inktober!

I’m always thinking about:

how I can process things visually in 2d and then rearrange bits into patterns




In celebration of Orctober, for the next week, my tusks will be ON SALE for $55 reduced from the normal $65 a set! Get yours today!

I’ve sold over 30 sets of tusks now, and I’m still going strong. They are durable, lightweight, and perfectly detailed for any aspiring tuskybro. I also offer two different color palettes — Monstrous, a darker paintjob for high-fantasy LARPers and the beasts out there, and Realistic, a lighter, more muted tone for the modern orc.

If you are interested in ordering a pair, simply click here to send me an ask and we’ll get to talking.

Sale ends OCTOBER 8TH, so act now!

newfoundelf too bad you are no longer an orc

If I was playing in the living room with a blanket and my mom was in the room, it would be a cape, but as soon as she left the room, I’d make it a dress, and I’d just immediately feel more… That felt more right, you know?
arca, in his interview with emilie friedlander for fader magazine
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Someone buy me a cloak, tia


girl: bayonetta’s design makes me uncomfortable and princess peach has some sexist elements to her history
gamer: wow WHY do you not love this empowered beautiful strong woman character?? look whos sexist NOW sjws :/



also the other day sam (my 7yo brother) was singing humpty dumpty in the car and he sang “humpty dumpty fell off the wall, humpty dumpty DIED” and my dad was like “whoa thats dark. did they put him back together again” and sam said “yeah they put him back together… IN HELL!!!” and cackled wildly

later my dad told my mom and mom asked sam why humpty dumpty was in hell and sam grinned and said “he was a Bad Egg”


Koike Keiichi - Heaven’s Door

cool posting gimmick: treat everyone with “official” in their url as if they are actually the official blog of butts/pizza/etc

my mom paused the tv to wait for my brother to come back and now this artifacty picture of a sitcom family is laughing at me