nerds think of “debating” feminists on the internet like it’s rounds of a tournament arc in a shonen manga

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World’s First Crimean Rapper

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Be real, it doesn’t matter anyway


you fucking call out these jackoffs and suddenly YOU’RE the threat to feminism bc you tell Clint (24/Bassist/Seattle/Male Feminist/Daddy Dom/Leauge Player/Punk Rock) to stop reblogging shit involving weird pedophilic incest shit.

thank god Daniel (27 | M | Miami | Motorcycles | Weed | BF4) is here to liberate us

remember when people were rebloggin the actual content of this because it was an epic burn

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seriously though we really don’t need any more fucking stories where trans, lesbian, gay, bi, nonbinary, all kinds of queer characters get the shit kicked out of them or outright die to teach a cis het audience that doing such things is bad